Hailing from Portmore in St. Catherine Jay Bankz (given name Jason Daniels) was born to parents Yvonne and Fitzroy. Jay Bankz called “Bankz” by friends, was raised by his grandmother in St.Catherine, Jamaica. He claims his passion for music was innate. Growing up in Spanish Town, Jamaica where the streets are fierce, Mr. Bankz had to learn to hold his own and push forwards to gain a toe hold in the industry. Because although in the music you have to be tough it is well worth the fight if you are impassioned about it. Hailing from the the streets ,the young artiste was inspired by his uncle with whom he grew up watching perform. It heavily influenced not only his love for music, but the desire for it to be a part of his life and passion as well.

Life for the young artiste at the time was no roses, he had to press hard to survive….”I am a fighter,” said Mr. Bankz. “There is no Santa waiting to give gifts to the artiste . The best tool that I had was my brain and I worked it. “ He figured he was going make it by hitting the books and this focus lead him to attending the number one high school in Spanish Town , which led into working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology (UTECH) in Kingston, Jamaica. “I love Chemistry” admits Jay Banks, “ but my passion is music, so I created my own mixing lab and fused all the elements of good music together. This is my chemistry; my music…” Being inspired by international artistes such as: Tupac Shakkur, Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, 50cents, Nas, Jay-Z, Sean Paul and Shaggy , Jay Bankz focused on using what he learned from these hip-hop/rap artists and developed his own unique sound. However the year 2011 was crucial for the artiste, that is when he decided to infuse and weave the dancehall culture into this music and recording resulting in a vibe that is truly one of a kind..

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“I was inspired to perform within the dancehall/reggae genre not only based on the the fact that it’s a large part of my culture but I also felt a deep connection with the sound and artists with whom I admire like Garnett Silk. I felt a strong pull in this direction. “ It was while he was living in the Bronx, NY that Jay Bankz wrote his first melodious single “Come Ova” on the Chill Spot Riddim. It was inspired not only by rhythmic sound of the Riddim it’s self but also flowed out of personal experiences as well. A few weeks after recording the single “Come Ova” it was played on a local Radio station in Bronx on live radio by a colleague named DJ Renzo (otherwise known as King Boogie) “I grew up hearing that the grass is greener on the other side. I never quite believed it because I noticed the grass was greener where I watered it. “ (Jay Bankz)

Jay Bankz then ventured into not only writing but also producing his own music. In July of 2014 he launched his own home studio, where he began to do all his recordings. He went on writing other songs like “How Fi Party” which was inspired by the artiste lifestyle not only here in New York but a lifestyle which he had known back in Jamaica. Party from “Sunday to Sunday” is well known not only Jamaican but spread to other Caribbean countries as well… More songs were then recorded such as “Workin Haard”, “My Mama” and “Anotha Story” all of which were inspired by his lifestyle, accomplishments and experience in the streets where he grew up. When Mr. Bankz takes these singles to a live audience the reception is overwhelmingly positive. Having the vision of being a “Star” one day Jay Bankz began building his branding for his studio and calling it “SAS” which stands for “Stars Among Stars”.

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“I released my first official song out of SAS Studio titled “Inna Di Video” which was produced by Anthony Records and release on iTunes and other Digital platform for download in October of 2014.” (Jay Bankz) November of 2014  Jay Bankz pre-released one of the singles from forthcoming EP titled “Follow Mi” which was produced by Cyanide Records. The catchy chorus has drawn the attention of a wide variety of listeners.

"When I listen the riddim the instruments spoke to me and I wrote this song behind the mic without pen and paper. the vibes was just right so I did it right there on the spot. This song has posed interest not only because of its savvy lyrics but due to the fact I have made special recognition to veterans iconic artiste in music.” (Jay Bankz) Still working hard, Jay Bankz recently release a new single titled “One Love” which is on a one drop reggae riddim. “ I received the riddim from a good colleague in Kenya Africa. Far East Empires 237 Rankie Sadatt teamed up with Abstract Records of Malawi to compose the riddim. “One Love” was inspired by what I have seeing happening around me “friend a bad mind friend” and lot more things that is happening around the world nations at war against each other. “ 


This song speaks out to the people capturing their attention, urging them to wake up and work together as one and fight for what is right and stop fight against each other. This song was set to released on the artiste label “Star Status Recordz” which was established in early 2015. What makes Jay Bankz different from all the other artistes which are emerging is his unique sound, work ethics, discipline, drive and determination for success . which is propelled by me being self driven is what makes me an artiste of great significant. He is filled with confidence and believes strongly in building a dynamic fan based, thus Jay Bankz invites all music lovers to give a listening to his works, he is positive you won’t regret it.


PICK HIM UP ON ITUNES RIGHT HERE >>>> :https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/jay-bankz/922282301

Tonya P, born Tonya Pringle is a Canadian born vocalist with a very unique sound that is fused with a bit of many genres. However once you hear her, Reggae and R&B are definitely the genres that seem to stand out the most in her music. Being the daughter of one of Jamaica's most prominent promoters/community activists, the late Clive Kubba Pringle (Bob Marley Birthday Bash MX3 Negril), this songstress was raised in the music industry among some of the best Reggae artists to ever grace the stage.

Tonya P has always had a hard driven passion for music. Growing up she was inspired by many different singers ranging from Bob Marley and Marcia Griffiths to Whitney Houston and Lauren Hill. Singing in high school music productions as well as local talent shows since the age of 14 proved to be just the beginning of her budding musical career.

Tonya's aspirations of becoming a music artist came to life the day she met a fellow Canadian based artist by the name of Shadrock. After hearing her sing at a nightclub he asked her to sing a collaboration with him for his upcoming album. The song was titled "What's Your Name?". It was the confidence gained from that recording that paved the way for Tonya P to actively pursue her God given talents and in 2005 she recorded and released her very first single titled "With Me." The debut single proved to be a certified hit gaining her steady airplay both locally and abroad along with bookings to perform on some of the biggest shows in the city. By 2007 Tonya P was awarded a Canadian Reggae Music Award "Top Female Newcomer". After receiving such an outstanding award for her achievements, Tonya P's career sky rocketed with songs such as Love, Heaven in Your Arms, the dynamic cover version of Better In Time originally done by Leona Lewis, and many more.

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As she continued to write and release her music, she began to receive many more acknowledgements for all her hard work including a 2011 Juno Nomination (Reggae Recording Of The Year) for her single Don't Wanna Go. This single was produced by Radford Ettienne aka Dr. Rad. She also received multiple Reggaexclusive Recognition Awards back to back. Tonya P has had the pleasure of performing on the Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Negril Jamaica (5+years), Calgary Reggae Festival, Montreal Reggae Festival, Ottawa Reggae Festival and Jamaica Day, just to name a few.

This gave her the opportunity to work with some of the Reggae greats in the music industry throughout the years such as Marcia Griffiths, Berres Hammond, Bunny Wailer, Freddie McGregor, Luciano and many more. Tonya P is not only a phenomenal artist, she also has extreme consideration for the people on a deeper level than just acquiring fans.

FACEBOOK :   https://www.facebook.com/tonya.firstlady?fref=mentions
ITUNES : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/tonya-p/id268624295

The man who is Owen aka O.C. Roberts was busy honing his craft in Kingston, Jamaica at The Bohemia, where he was the lead singer of the resident band The Mighty Titans. This cohesive band backed many artists such as Marcia Griffith, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Horace Andy, Mikal Rose, Bob Andy, The Wailing Souls, The Mighty Diamonds, The Tamlins, Lee Scratch Perry, Ken Booth, Sassafras, and Beres Hammond to name a few when they would perform at the club. While performing at the Bohemia, O.C. was discovered by Dougie Rod Bryan, lead guitarist of The Revolutionaries recording band, whose drummer was Sly Dunbar, and keyboard player was Ansel Collins. O.C. recorded the reggae version of Teddy Pendergrass' smash hit “Wake Up Everybody” for Sonya Pottinger’s High Note Label. That version went on to hit #16 on the British Reggae Charts. He went on to record “Funny Feelings”, “Living a Life” and “Hey You” for record label Electro Sun. All of those songs were backed by the tight sound of The Revolutionaries. O.C. then moved to Detroit and met a friend named Ian Allen (now at Universal Music Group) and Ira McLaughlin (formerly of Atlantic Records), and crafted a Reggae band together named The Samaritans.

The Samaritans quickly became the number 1 reggae band in Detroit for several years. The band shared the stage with Dennis Brown, John Holt, Sugar Minott, Sammy Dread, and Sister Carol. The band won many awards for 'Best Reggae Band' including but not limited to 5 Metro Times Music Awards, 4 Local Source Awards, and 5 Metro Music Cafe Awards. O.C. individually won 3 Metro Times Awards for 'Best Reggae Vocalist’. His talents guided him into the studio with Motown hit songwriter Barrett Strong ("I Heard it Through the Grapevine") and Patrick Amae. Not only is O.C. a great vocalist, he is an amazing host. He hosted concerts for Capleton, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Burning Spear, and Sizzla. 

After the success of the band, O.C. took a hiatus to focus on radio for 12 years at 90.9 FM. Today he is back in the studio working on a brand new album including songs, "Made in Jamaica", “Haters", "Cut them Off", and "Calling my name”. Singer/Songwriter

 O.C.Roberts, has returned with full force and the fans are eager to hear his album and see this electrifying performer again. This is the most powerful album of his career to date! We are all excited to hear what O.C. has in store for us. 


WEBSITE : http://www.ocrobertsmusic.com/
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607126426
iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/mx/artist/o-c-roberts/id824973248

King Banton was born in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica. He began his career as a lyrical DJ in Jamaican dance-halls. In the early 1980’s, he realized his potential as a singer. From that point, he changed his style to Roots, Rock, Reggae. His style has often been compared to that of his friend and mentor, the Crown Prince of reggae, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. King Banton has graced the stage with numerous reggae artists including: Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Burning Spear, Sugar Minott, Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles, Johnny Osbourne, John Holt, and the Melodians. 

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In 1999 and 2000, he won the Atlanta Caribbean Award for Male Vocalist of the Year. In 2001, King Banton helped arrange the recording of "Pray for Love", a tribute to New York City following the World Trade Center bombing. In 2002, his drive to succeed was revealed in the song "Counterstrike" which was featured on the compilation album "Vertical Rising". Then in 2003, he portrayed the struggle of a man holding the faith in order to culminate his physical, spiritual, and musical destiny with the song entitled "Higher Places". King Banton followed up with the single "Mr. Rise and Fall", which hit number 12 on the South Florida top 20 charts. Shortly after that, he released "Only a Matter of Time" and "Zions Gate" a song which delivers a strong message of living good to ensure your entrance through the gates of Zion. 

In 2011, King Banton created a remixed version of the song “Jam Tonight” (originally performed by Freddy Jackson) and “You Don’t Need Me” (originally performed by The Melodians). King Banton’s version of “You Don’t Need Me” was No. 1 on the BBC Three Counties Radio for seven consecutive weeks. For his sophomore album, King Banton created a compilation of lovers rock and roots music to stimulate the mind and soul of his fans. The album is titled: “You Can Make It” which was released in January 27, 2014 on the TrainLine Record Label. It instantly produced two hit songs; the cover version of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” which went to number 1 on the South Florida reggae chart and numerous airplay in Kenya, Africa on the reggae chart. 

“When I think of the type of stage shows I want to be a part of and the type of performance I want to do, it has to be something that is positive, something that I feel will uplift every individual that hears my music,” says King Banton. King Banton continues to write songs that educate his fans and strives to always keep his music positive.

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RIDDIM N” NICE Productions is dedicated towards producing top shelf Reggae vibes . Owner Henry Bell better known as JAH NICENESS has graced many stages like “Atlanta Ting” or the “Nesta Fest” as well as opening for Capleton at the “Reggae Harvest Fest.”
Jah Niceness is a perfectionist in his craft from start to finish. His focus is a product that truly delivers in entertainment. He has productions with the following high profile artists: Ras Oney, Carl Meeks, Daniel Blae Minott, and Spiceman just to name a few.

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Henry Bell's passion for music stemmed from inspiration given to him by a high school music teacher by the name of Norman 'Milo' Douglas, who introduced him to several local recording studios, including Youthman Promotion, run by the legendary Sugar Minott.
Jah Niceness ( Henry Bell) has 3 CDs under his belt running under his stage name alone, entitled : Loverman, Straighten Up and Upliftment. As well as a multitude of independent single releases . All of which are available for download.

He is a rapidly rising talent within the industry, enjoying international airplay with his tracks, as well as well sought out artist for collaborations, production services, as well as stage performances because of his work ethics, passion for the craft and industry and magnetic style onstage.


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CONTACT FORM - Direct to Email : http://contactjahniceness.blogspot.ca/ 
CHECK OUT THE EPK HERE: http://online.fliphtml5.com/zhvz/rkxf/#p=8

Rickey has spent most of his artistic career as an actor, appearing in many plays, movies, and music videos. He prefers to perform his arts live, often in nursing homes as he believes it essential to care for the elderly and less fortunate. While this album has been in process for several years, it is truly a blessing to those who listen. Many instrumental artists have contributed to it from all over the world. So, sit back, relax and enjoy his VIBES. Tour dates and news about future releases will be made available as they come to pass. Read more about Rickey Starr

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SHYRICK: You have a very serious deep south flavor to your musical vibe, who influenced you when you were fine tuning your craft?

RICKEY STARR: Bob Marley, Joseph Hill

SHYRICK: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

RICKEY STARR: Gospel music and always singing with the elders.

SHYRICK: Singing is not your only passion , you have spent some time infront of the camera as well as an actor. Do you have more acting performances coming up in the near future that you can tell us about. How did you get involved in acting ?

RICKEY STARR: It started in high school, my frist musical “Annie Get Your Gun. ” I knew right away so I ran away (from South Georgia) to New York and started my acting career. I have been performing ever since. I just audition for a move in Atlanta. I get about 4 or 5 audition a month.

SHYRICK: You have started a registered non profit ministry focused on bringing full joy to nursing home residents across several states. Can you tell us a bit more about your vision for this minsitry as well as how and where people can get involved.

RICKEY STARR: It is called MusicalTherapyMinistries.com and the website it's self will be up by the end July 2017. It is a non profit set up to help bring uplifting music to the sick and shut in individuals in nursing homes, assistance living facilities etc... wherever Jah sends us to show love and compassion through music. So please us support so we can bring awareness to the elders and less fortunate.

SHYRICK: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

RICKEY STARR: Make sure you are not in it for fame, money or any other selfish reason. You must be sent to do the works sent from the Father of Creations.

Jamaican born Errol Bonnick started his musical journey in Kingston at the tender age of 17, inspired by his brother Trevor Bonnick, former lead vocalist for the group Blood Fire Posse. Errol was then introduced to Mr Glen Browne from the great Browne brothers, a family of musicians, song writers & producers, who quickly noticed Errol’s talent and signed him up as lead vocalist for a group called K.R.U {Knowledge, Respect & Unity}. The group consisted of seven people, including Robert Dubwise Browne, now guitarist for famous artists like Shaggy & reggae group Morgan Heritage; and Richard Shams Browne, now one of Jamaica's top dance hall producers. 

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Errol moved on to perform in cabaret for a number of years across the north and west coast of Jamaica. He was then headhunted by a group called Live Wyya to be their lead vocalist. Since then, the group has won a range of awards and accolades including Jamaica’s Irie FM 2003 Big Break Competition, and still is the only group to win that competition. They won the 2004 JFM awards twice for best Show Band & Best Backing Band; competed against 16 of the Island's top Bands and won the Global Battle Of The Bands competition in November2005 to go on to further compete at London's Astoria Centre in December 2005. As Ambassadors for Jamaica, The Caribbean, Reggae & Rastafari, Live Wyya competed against 24 bands across the world in a musical show down emerging a fantastic 8th position. After compiling their album, Solid Meditation, the group toured the world with the cool ruler Gregory Isaacs. 

Today Errol, a smooth Rasta rebel, is pursuing his solo career and moving with the spirit of the conquering lion on his path of creating a repertoire of upbeat and uplifting Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae. He is on his journey of weaving his magic across the airwaves with his cultural messages and his mysterious, powerful, commanding, yet very sensual voice that he’s definitely been blessed with.

PICK UP THESE MASSIVE VIBES HERE : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/errol-bonnick/id269177218

Elle Trema is a reggae deejay and singer/songwriter. 

Born in Parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, she moved and grew up in Kingston where her musical talents began with the inspirations of famous reggae artist, Louie Culture. A year prior to 1990, Elle moved to Canada and continued her musical passion that stemmed from her native country.

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Elle was the President/Youth Coordinator of Rowntree Arts Society; an organization working with children and elderly. This accomplishment led her to becoming the CEO of Anit Zen Production where she organized and hosted her own shows and events. Elle Trema has now embarked on another live annual presentation of “Youths Got Talent”. She is ready for the world to feel her empowering presence. Elle has also done production for work such as How Can I Achieve It, Chance for Life, & Rum Bar. 

"My intent is to plant positive seeds into the hearts and mind. A true gift from God, and a Great inspiration” she says." 

Here are a few events and awards that Ell e Trema has been a part of
Her first opportunity came in April of 2000 when she performed at Club Epiphany's Thursday night gigs alongside Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry and more where she received her first award. 
- Kwest Kru Production 
- Shaka Ross "An Evening with the Ladies" 
- A Caribafest Night in 2008. 
- Youths Got Talent in 2011 
- Comfitanya Lounge in Kingston Jamaica in 2012, 
- I Rockable Togo Family 
- Otis I Production“ 
- “I thiopian Movements -Tribute To Empress Menen" in 2013. 
- Marcus Garvey Day, Jamaica Day and Grenada Day. 
- Carassauga 
-Sandra Bashment Appreciation Awards & received an award. 
- Jamaican Canadian Association Fundraising Concert and Dance for flood victims in Jamaica. 
- performance at World Lynkz Red Hot Vibration 
- Rock Steady Thursdays at “Thymless". 
- Jamaican Diaspora Canada Fundraising Dinner And Dance in 2014 
- Koka Annual Dinner And Dance, 
- A Page Of History - A Special Tribute To Nelson Mandela 
-Elle Trema receive a music nomination at the Jamaican Canadian Reggae Music Awards in 2002 for “Best Newcomer” female category.

PICK UP ELLE TREMA TRACKS HERE : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/elle-trema/id872405795

Don Minott has been delivering Roots Rocking Reggae Excellence for 
over two decades. He is well loved  in Europe where  one of his most
successful recent tracks “TIME and SPACE”  took off by storm. The 
same track  had been placed at the top of the charts in ST Louis in 2 
of  the first  3 months in 2016 

Don Minott is an exceptionally talented tri-fecta in the Indie Reggae/
Dancehall scene: writing, composing, performing, … the list goes on.
 Behind the scenes it is worthy of mentioning that he is also 
solo-preneuring  his product globally like a professional.  Making vital 
connections along the way and thereby securing a solid foundation for 
his career.. 

All this talent is born out of the heart of a true poet, who loves his
people  and is using his voice to reach out , edify, move and bless
people with down to earth rich roots  rockin' Reggae vibes . Right
down to the punchline. His writing skills are not only profound but
also versatile. He covers many different subjects across many
different riddims  . 

As example compare Reggae Boogaloo with Only 21. Both are massively 
powerful songs, well written and delivered  excellently , but that's 
where the similarities stop.  Each have their very own distinctive moods
one being somber and one so uptempo you couldn't hold your feet still if you tried. 

His voice is clear and crisp whether acapella, on stage performing live
or laid down on track. He takes pride in his craft and it's capacity to move 
and influence people is not taken lightly

Don's performances  capture his crowd's  heart, he has a strong fan base
built up and reinforced over the years. He enjoys entertaining in both 
intimate settings  as well as large venues and Festivals

 New England Reggae Fest .....   Rhode Island
Ocean State Reggae Fest  ....  Rhode Island
Sober in the Sun Festival .....   Massachusetts
Half Moon Festival      ...    ... New Hampshire
Celebrate Brooklyn Festival  .... Prospect Park , NY.
Taste of the Caribbean  Festival .... Hartford,  CT.
West Indian Independence Celebration ....  Hartford CT.

Reggae by the River  ....  Hamburg , Germany
Exit Festival                ..... Novi Sad , Serbia
Montenegro Reggae Fest  .... Montenegro
Don's talents have landed him on the same stage and  warming up the crowd
for such greats as
Morgan Heritage, 
Third World,
Beres Hammond, 
Burning Spear, 
Toots and Maytals, 
Israel Vibrations, 
Damian Marley 
and Maxi Priest. 
Don's tracks also enjoy global radio rotation on stations such as :
 Wrtc    89.3 fm  Hartford , CT.
Wpkn  89.5 fm  Bridgeport , CT.
Wumd  89.3 fm Dartmouth  , MA.
WTCC  90.7 fm Springfield , MA
Bess 100 fm  Kingston , Jamaica
Cool 97 fm   Kingston , Jamaica
 Shyrick Dancehall Radio ... St. Louis
 Reggaespace.com   ...Telford , UK

Here's a sample of what is out there on download for Don's fans to pick up
and add to their music collections. ,

Get Don Minotts Tunes :

also check out : Must Be A Dream
PICK UP THIS NOSTALGIC GEM AT :  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/minott Find TIME AND SPACE SINGLE HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/irievibrations-no-ordinary/id1056169359 Hit Don Minott up here 
FOOT NOTE : Don has been in several bands, including "the Lightning
Reggae Band", "Ruffneck Massive" and "Positive Vibrations". His musical 
influences are Delroy Wilson, Bob Marley, the original Wailers, Mikey Spice, 
Don Henley, and Phil Collins. When not performing Don listens to the above 
people, all forms of reggae and continues to write poetry. 

Treesha aka Patricia Wambui Mwaura was born in Nairobi, Kenya is the last child from a family of four children. She started singing at the ageof 8. Her musical talent is groomed and influenced by her father (The Late John Ben Mwaura) who also sang and played the guitar.She joined her school choir and at once discovered her vocal capabilities. Determined to make the best out of her vocal ability she then later become a member of her church Gospel choir, which really helped her to advance her vocal skill and range. 

With such vocal dynamics, she then later became the leader of her school choir. Her repertoire entales the know how of different musical genres such as RnB, Pop, Reggae, Jazz and African traditional songs. Treesha was also apart of her high school drama club. She over a time evolved to Center Stage performed many musical pieces, and compete in drama festivals up to National level. She then moved to Cologne, Germany at the age of 16. She attended the International English School.

Related image

Treesha is in her element as soon as she is in the studio for a recording session or when the radio is on. She will sing along to every song, especially those from artists who inspire her (for e.g. Aretha Franklin, Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, Brandy, Mary JBlige and Toni Braxton).

Treesha is a very good song writer and is always involved in preproductions. She has worked with artists bands and producers like Denham Smith Mr. Nnaji, Nexx Muambila, Pensive, Phat Crispy, Ten Ahead Band Jim Rockford Band and Noxwell records.

She also worked with K-nel and was on several of his mixtapes and featured on his album, “Voice Of Kenya”. She also featured among other artists on Noxwell Records “Black Affairs” sampler which was released in July 2007.

Image result for TREESHA,  REGGAE, IMAGES

Treeshas stage experience started at Bruegels Restaurant in Cologne singing "top 40 Hits". In April 2012, Treesha became a Background vocalist for Germanys International Reggae sensation, Gentleman, and since then been touring with him. Treesha works very hard and is willing to excel in in the music industry. She is professional and very dedicated to what she does.